Bucknor Networking Solution was born from the idea of providing affordable I.T. support and solutions to clients who otherwise would not have access to engineers with the level of skill set normally reserved for enterprise-sized clients. By providing creative solutions and options clients can gain the same benefits and advantages used by larger businesses. Bucknor Networking Solution understands that by reducing a business
I.T. costs while increasing productivity gives our clients the advantage that is needed to bring their business to the next level. Team BNS has multiple talented individuals on staff that will help to transform your business or organization in this changing world of information technology.

Established in (2010), Bucknor Networking establishes for conference room installation, point-of-sale upgrades, TV walls customization, or pro audio visual installation services. Also, Bucknornet has overgrown over the years and has established relationships with leading technology providers. As the demand for video conferencing solutions grows, Bucknor Networking’s ideal position provides expert guidance to users who wish to use this emerging technology.
We have a team of highly skilled consultants from different backgrounds, very passionate about technology. And, most importantly, we believe that everyone should provide services with a smile.

We are one of the top class technology consultants because we are not your average outsourced technology company. We are your own IT department! At Bucknornet, we believe in providing exceptional services. It enables our customers to make greater use of technology in the workplace and beyond. We are a team of passionate, trusted, and supportive people who provide secure and flexible solutions for video conferencing and audio-visual integration, including a wide variety of visual collaboration services that are easy to work with.

Bucknornet provides solutions to clients in industries regardless of the level of complexity of the project. Thanks to our relationship, we can provide complete solutions to all aspects of customers’ visual communication challenges. We form long-term partnerships with our customers and always provide reliable services. We lead the way in streamlining business collaboration, providing the ultimate video conferencing experience to help our clients fill their empty conference rooms and achieve their best work.

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Bucknor Networking’s vision is to include people in a world of opportunity. We promise to work together. Bucknor Networking role is to provide a precise and reliable experience that allows people to work together in different places.


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