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Bucknor Networking is a robust suite of Audio Visual Installation, Structured Cabling and Office Setup, New Installation Pro AV, Conferencing Solution Ideal for small to medium businesses. Our entire stack of conferencing solutions is the catalyst for your ongoing digital transformation and business continuity planning. However, we improve business communication and collaboration for businesses worldwide by connecting with people and delivering the business results you want. We help top brands do their most important work—expertise in AV design, AV integration, video conferencing, point-of-sale system upgrades, and IT services.

Moreover, Bucknor Networking provides services to improve your daily activities and increase productivity. The use of interactive whiteboards is easy and fun for the audience to learn, remote employees, or many sites using video conferencing in the conference room. We have a solution. However, Bucknornet commits to providing customers with systems that improve productivity and collaboration and reduce costs. Also, you can ensure that you have a reasonable price.

Not only do we have a world-class support center, but we also specialize in managing complex collaborative environments. Also, we can provide you with tools and services that relieve pain from your daily work. Last but not least, we work to help you improve your collaboration and performance.

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As our company responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees and customers remain a top priority. Under current criteria, DHS has deemed integrators an essential business, so we are able to operate during this emergency in support of our customers. The work we do is critical to keep your business running, and we’re committed to being there when you need us most. Here’s how we’re responding:
·     We continue to follow and comply with federal and state government mandates as they are issued and updated. 
·     We are helping companies quickly and efficiently bring a remote workforce online.
·   We are solving technical issues remotely and in some cases, on-site following recommended safety measures for our technicians and your staff.
Protecting your business and keeping it running efficiently and growing is our goal. Bucknor Networking is standing by to help you.


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